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Agriculture in India has undergone tremendous development over the years. The advent of new machinery and equipment has resulted in increased level of mechanised farming. This, in turn, has increased the productivity of their land.

Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Ltd. (KAMCO) as a fully owned undertaking of the Government of Kerala was established in 1973, to cater to the farming requirements of small and marginal scale farmers. It is an initiative to allow small farmers to enjoy mechanised farming. The quality standard for each and every product has been tested & certified by competent authorities. The global standard and system maintained has earned KAMCO ISO 9001:2008 certification.

KAMCO’s product range includes Tiller, Tractor, Reaper and Diesel Engine. Its unparalleled success can be attributed to its unique marketing strategy. Today, KAMCO’s marketing efforts have gone above the confines of India to capture the overseas agro-machinery market.

KAMCO also organizes various training programmes for people engaged in agricultural activities, to guide them and keep them abreast with newer farming techniques.